Thermal Alpaca Socks

Size: Small , Ladies 7 - 9, Men's 6 - 8
Colour: Grey
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Don't you just hate it when you can't enjoy your outdoor winter activities because of cold feet, we do too. Our Thermal Alpaca Socks are made to keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long.

Our customers tell us these are the ultimate winter socks. They are made to provide extreme warmth and comfort for those with cold feet.

Sonja says "My feet are always cold except when I wear my Laslyn Alpaca Thermal Socks." 

Here's why our alpaca socks are a great choice for outdoor winter activities.

  • Warmth: Alpaca is known for its excellent insulation properties, making alpaca socks warm and cozy. This is especially important when exposed to cold temperatures for extended periods while enjoying your outdoor activities.

  • Moisture-wicking: Alpaca is naturally moisture-wicking, which means it can help keep your feet dry and comfortable even when you're sweating or in damp conditions. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet.

  • Softness: Alpaca is very soft and comfortable, which can help prevent blisters and chafing. This is especially important for those who are wearing tight-fitting boots for extended periods.

  • Comfort: It has a natural stretchiness that helps it conform to your foot's shape for a better fit.

  • Odour free: It also has a natural resistance to odours, so your socks won't get smelly as quickly as other materials.

  • Durability: Alpaca is stronger and more durable than many other types of wool, meaning your socks are less likely to wear out quickly.

  • Hypoallergenic: This makes alpaca a great choice for people who are sensitive to other types of wool.

  • Sustainability: Because alpaca is a natural and sustainable material, it is a good choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

Overall, alpaca socks are an excellent choice for outdoor winter activities because they provide warmth, moisture-wicking, comfort, and durability.

Our Thermal Alpaca Socks are made of a blend of 75% alpaca, 23% nylon and 2% spandex. The inside of the sock has a terry finish to give your feet that soft, warm, comfortable feel.

These socks come in four sizes and four colours, Dark Grey, Natural (a light grey made with from a black and grey blend), Charcoal and a Traditional Work sock pattern. Being made from natural fibres colours can vary slightly between batches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Patrick LeClair
Very worm love tham

The reason I purchased these socks is to wear under my dry suit for winter paddle boarding. I havent had a chance to get out for a paddle yet but think they will be great.

Kim Lempriere

Hi I haven't tried them yet hasn't been cold enough

Hi Kim,
Have you had a chance to try your socks yet?
I can't imagine being out in the barn or ice skating without my alpaca socks.
Have a great day!
Carolyn & Doug

Candice Barlow
Perfect warmth

Love my alpaca blend socks. Beautiful quality
Just the right thickness.

Hi Candice,
Thank you for your review. We are glad you love your alpaca socks.
Take care,
Carolyn & Doug

Chiara Kotilainen
Love these

Great quality, one pair has lasted through 3 children and they still look new! So warm, but they never overheat, and everyone in the family loves them. We never have to worry about cold toes for days out in the snow. Highly recommend!

Hi Chiara,
That is awesome that one pair of socks lasted through 3 children and they still look great. These socks are really meant to keep your feet warm and last well. I love that they keep feet warm but not hot and sweaty.
Thank you so much for such a great review of our alpacas socks.
Enjoy the winter,
Carolyn & Doug


I really like these socks they keep my feet warm. I highly recommend.

Hi Greg,
Thank you for your review on the thermal socks. They keep feet warm but not overheated, I can't imagine winter chores without my thermal socks.
Take care,
Carolyn & Doug

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