Spring Lilac Shawl

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These shawls are a reminder that spring will arrive and with it comes  beautiful lilacs.

These shawls are 100% alpaca fibre. The white fibre was sheared from our girl DQ's Blizzard, she has very dense fibre with great softness. The lilac fibre is hand-dyed alpaca fibre from another Ontario alpaca farm.

Although the shawls look very similar, the second shawl has a very thin layer of white fibre over the lilac to give it a more subdued appearance.

#1 - Size 35" (89 cm) from mid back/neck to waist area X 80" (203 cm) across the shoulders from tip to tip

#2 - Size 34" (86 cm) from mid back/neck to waist area X 81" (205) across the shoulders from tip to tip

Sizes are approximate as each item is hand made.

We can create a one of kind shawl for you. Please complete the Custom Orders (laslynalpaca.com), we will send you a quote, the price depends on the complexity of a pattern and size of the item.

We use all natural colours for the base of our shawls.

100% alpaca fibre grown in Markdale, Ontario



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