Paisley's Pumpkin

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Curious country girl Paisley spots a little, green sprout poking through the compost pile. What happens next will take Paisley from spring, through summer, and into fall. See the cycle of growth and life mirrored between Paisley, the baby swallows, and the pumpkins.

This book was the first in a new series about girls in agriculture by our friend Carolyn j Morris of Railfence Books.

As Carolyn has started this new series we have started to name one of our grey female crias each summer after the main character of the book. In 2020 we named a very uniquely coloured silver/rose grey girl Paisley after the book Paisley's Pumpkin and also our friend Paisley who originally suggested the name. In time when Paisley has her own female cria we will name her Pumpkin. We love having names that tie into something special.

We carry many of Carolyn's books on line and in our gift shop.

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