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This soft medium fawn shawl was made from fibre donated by Cinnamon. It is 100% natural alpaca with no dyes.

The second picture is Cinnamon herself. The rest of the pictures show some of the steps involved in making Cinnamon's shawl.

The next picture is the raw fibre that has been turned into the batts that will be used to make the shawl, the batts are produced by a small mill in Ontario.

The third picture shows the fibre all laid out ready to be run through the FeltLOOM for the first time. This is a very critical step in the process, the batts can't just be laid out as they are, they must be peeled into very fine layers and then crisscrossed before felting to give the final product the required strength. You can see how thick it is before the first run through the FeltLOOM.

Then we have a picture of the two different alpaca yarns that were used to create the pattern.

The yarn is then applied and everything is run through the loom.

After running it through several times the sheet of felt is cut in half to make two shawls.

After the shawls are washed they are pressed and ready for sale.

To check out Cinnamon's page click here.

All of our alpaca products are Hypo-Allergenic, very soft and extremely warm.


  • Size - 22" x 56" ( 56 cm X 142 cm)
  • Made from 100% alpaca.

We accept custom orders to the size, colour and pattern to match your outfit. Natural colours only, the price will depend on the size and complexity of the pattern. Please complete the "Custom Order Form" to receive a quote.

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