Black Grey Splotchy Rug

Size: 45" x 72" (114cm x 183cm)
Sale price$600.00


This beautiful area rug is reminiscent of a black and white photograph of Northern Canada with its many lakes. As all of of our rugs are, this is made from 100 % alpaca fibre on a jute base. The base layer of fibre is true black fibre covered with handfuls of black and grey locks from various alpacas. The rug has a smooth, soft feel to it and will keep your feet warm and comfy.

The rug shown is 45" X 72" (114 cm X 182 cm)

We accept custom orders to the size, colour and pattern to match your decor.


  • Natural Colours only
  • The price will depend on the size and complexity of the pattern.
  • Please complete the "Custom Order Form" to receive a quote.

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