Alpaca Duvet

Size: Queen - 86" x 90"
Sale price$445.00


Our alpaca duvets are a better alternative to feather duvets. Filled with alpaca fibre from our own alpacas and hand-sewn into a 100% cotton cover they are completely hypoallergenic, won't harbour dust mites, the fibre won't poke through the cover, or come apart leaving clumps in the corner of the duvet.

Our alpacas are very humanely and safely sheared by us each year, they are not harmed in any way. Alpacas must be sheared yearly for their own health as the fibre is six times warmer than wool, wearing those coats in the summer would be very dangerous for them.

The duvets are available in double, queen and king sizes and fit easily into standard duvet covers. They are light-weight, warm and breathable. Alpaca duvets keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and look great on your bed year-round.

The sizes are:

  • Double 76" x 90" ( 193 cm X 223 cm) $410.00
  • Queen 86" x 90” (218 cm X 223 cm) $445.00
  • King 102" x 90" (259 cm X 223 cm) $495.00

We even supply you with a hand made storage bag for when the duvet is not in use.

Special orders for single or crib duvets are available but may take a while as our duvets are produced once a year.

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